Friday, January 11, 2008

A little nachtgraf

That's supposed to be "night graph." I was being clever, hush.

Here is a table of how much sleep I've gotten in the last two weeks:

12/30, Saturday night (returning to NYC from Seattle): Eleven hours
Sunday: Ten
Monday: Nineish
Tuesday: NONE. ZERO.
Wednesday: Five
Thursday: Eight
Friday: Ten!
Saturday: Ten!
Sunday: ZIP. NADA.
Monday: Eightish (chemically induced)
Tuesday: Six (chemically induced)
Wednesday: Nine
Thursday: THREE

Do you see anything wrong with this?!

I'm sure you can infer how glad I am that it's the weekend. Hallelujah.


17 (really 15) more years said...

I feel your pain. I have no idea where I would be without Tylenol PM. It's gotten so bad, that my students say to me, "Ms. 15, you're really tired today, aren't you?" Pretty damn sad when 13 year olds can see it.

And what the hell was I thinking when I told them I'd go to their 10AM basketball game tomorrow?

jd2718 said...

Mine are all out of whack, too. I didn't write them down, but there were a few nights this week in the 3 - 5 range.

Yesterday, prep period, there were kids on the couch in our back hall, and sitting on the floor next to it, taking turns reading out loud (they seemed to have questions in front of them. They read along silently with the reader, or took notes as their friend read. It was sort of cool). Brave New World.

Anyhow, I flopped on my back a few feet away, enjoying listening, but I also managed to grab about 10 badly needed minutes....zzz

dramamath said...

Have you considered logging off of Flickr at night?

Mintyfresh said...

I'm having trouble sleeping, too. I recall that my day 2 portrait of 365 last year mentioned my trouble sleeping, also. Perhaps this happens at this time of year every year?

Though I know my mind is racing with thoughts that make my heart pound like crazy. I will chemically induce sleep tonight . . .