Tuesday, January 29, 2008

from glass shards to sandpaper

I suppose that's technically an improvement, but it doesn't feel like much of one.

I did go to school today. Partly because my throat was infinitessimally (I had to look that word up!) less bad, partly out of guilt (I've only been out for two days in a row and that was two years ago for my master's graduation and long weekend), and partly out of boredom. Laying around in bed for two days straight is terribly dull, my friends. It sounds like it should be relaxing, but man, it is not. Mostly because I had no energy to do anything other than lie there or slowly walk to the computer. Blah.

So anyway, I survived the day today, even incorporating my illness into class: the warm up task was to say "my throat hurts" with f!gurative language. Clever, right? The kids were nice (which really, they are anyway) and concerned when they noticed I was sick. Isn't that cute? I couldn't talk very loudly but they were quiet and (mostly) attentive just like any other day. My throat still hurts and I'm still trying not to cough (because it hurts), but it would appear that I am 'improving', at least in baby steps.

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miss brave said...

Once, when I was sick and my nose was running so constantly that I'd run out of tissues by my last class, one of my biggest troublemakers disappeared for a moment and then re-appeared with a tissue. It was a lot nicer than the kids who looked at me aghast and said, "Wow, your nose is REALLY red!"