Saturday, January 12, 2008

Praise Be!

O thank ye, Internet gods--flickr is finally back up!

I used the time to try learning some new things (cast-on and purl stitch, attempted crochet), and of course write that post below, which I've been meaning to write for oh, a month now. Also, I got more done on my scarf. Which technically is actually a scarf now, it's long enough to fit around my neck! It officially measures 18 1/2 inches right now. I started it last Saturday, so I feel proud and confident that I will actually follow through and finish it! Wish me luck and speedy fingers!

1 comment:

Mintyfresh said...

have you looked at she has videos of every knitting technique, and then some. very useful.

and i'd say you are going quite quickly! you'll be done in no time.