Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Last "Woe is Sick Me" Post, I Promise

My throat is much much better!

Unfortunately, my voice is still very rough and I'm still fighting the cough. I do mean that, fighting. This morning I had a big coughing fit while still in bed, in which I flailed around like a fish out of water, trying to breathe but coughing more instead. Later in the morning, I had an even worse fit, while kids were coming into my room, no less, and I had to run to the bathroom to cough and gag and spit. The rest of the day I've been clenching to avoid the fits. While this is noticeably improving my abs (no joke)(helped by the fact that I've hardly eaten for four days), it has given me a bad old headache. My EYEBALLS hurt. A lot.

I've been pretty tired, too. Yesterday on one of my preps, I had to take a nap after knitting for like ten minutes. A NAP. From KNITTING.

On a positive note, the Herd entered very quietly and industriously got to work. They did so well that they finished early and we had a few minutes to play trivia. Good job, kids! [And yes, I told them that. :)]


Schoolgal said...

At least see a doctor about the cough. It's better to have something for it than not at all.
Since you would rather be teaching, go after work. There are places open where you can just walk in. Do you have a First Med near you? You are in and out within the hour.

17 (really 15) more years said...

You have time to knit on your prep? I'm jealous.

Feel better!