Monday, May 12, 2008


A new student transferred to the school and into the Roos last Monday. In the WEEK she's been here, she's managed to:

A)be absent once
B)be involved in a gigantic fight
C)do zero homework
D)do very little in my class (though apparently does well in math)
and now
E)have a sidekick open and on inside her desk during class today,
F)has the GALL to come up at the end of class and claim she didn't know she couldn't have a cell phone! She gestured to my wall of charts about expectations/rules/etc as she said it.
My temper flared as I snapped, "That is NONSENSE," while pointing to the bright orange sentence strips with general school rules, including NO PHONES, IPODS, ETC.

This kind of thing makes me worry about breaking into curse words and getting into trouble.

Seriously, kid, get your act together, cause I sure ain't buying any of your bullshit. In freaking MAY. God.


17 (really 15) more years said...

Sounds like one of the NCLB beauties that we usually get this time of year. OR, the kid was kicked out of Catholic school. Either way- good luck- I've had quite a few like that, and they're intolerable.

X said...

Dude, you must have gotten one of my kids.