Tuesday, May 13, 2008

good vs bad

I remember reading Banner in the Sky in fifth grade. I don't remember many details, but the thrill of the mountain stayed with me. That came back to me when I saw the book, The Kid Who Climbed Everest. I began reading it this weekend, read voraciously on my prep yesterday and then stupidly forgot to bring it home. Today, I had three periods off in a row. Usually I work on grading and planning and stuff during that time. But today I just had to read. I read the entire time, roughly 2 1/2 hours, and finished the whole thing. It was fascinating, the details of an extreme climb. I had no idea, for example, that climbers have to go up, then back down, then up a little further, then back down, etc, several times, to get acclimatized. Anyway, great book, go check it out sometime.

Recently I've been getting some emails about interviews. Which is great, of course. However, they're wanting me to come to their school, during the day. Which doesn't make sense to me. For a second interview/demo lesson or whatever, sure, because then both parties are interested and knowledgeable and there's a potential good fit. But without even a telephone interview, why do these schools expect me to drop my real job to stop by? I know nothing about them, they know nothing about me.
I feel really bad, but I have to say no/ask if there's another/later time. And apparently there aren't for these schools. It makes me really frustrated and sad! Am I doing the right thing?

Ms Principal is looking to make some changes and adjustments for next year. I think that's great, and I really respect that. Legally our school needs to do some things differently. I am all for that--why not try out some new things? However, of course, many staff members are all, waah! waah! about it. I'm up for something new. God. Maybe I can survive another year at this silly school. Sigh.

More to come about that, there are many anxious thoughts percolating.


X said...

Wait, they want to interview you during the school day? Weird (in my limited experience). Last year we definitely did all the first interviews after school.

East Coast Teacher said...

I've had the same experience setting up interviews - last year, anyway.

At least you're getting interviews. I'm getting seriously frustrated about the whole process.

Maggie said...

You should also read Into Thin Air, if you're currently obsessed with Everest.

17 (really 15) more years said...

That's a tricky thing- clearly, they know that you are currently employed. I actually think it reflects poorly on you and makes you appear unprofessional if you skip work to interview. I would say to them, "I would love to interview with you, but my first responsibility is to my students- is there another time we can do this?" If they potentially value you as a employee (and this is something I'm sure you might want to know ahead of time) then they will work around you. Good luck!

R said...

I am obsessed with Everest! I just finished a really interesting book about it called High Crimes: The Fate of Everest in an Age of Greed.

I highly recommend Into Thin Air!