Sunday, May 11, 2008


On Thursday, Somebody surprised me with this:

WOW! This weekend I took a whole lot of photos. Not like that's different than any other weekend, but the DSLR world makes it much more fun and easy. The edges of this pigeon's open wings seem to actually be in focus--this was shot on the fly.

Look at the bokeh goodness that happens so effortlessly!

Today I got one of the most important accessories ever:

Kind of puts things into perspective in a twisted way--I'd much rather learn about and play with this new camera than think about the jobs I have not gotten and the looming of decision deadlines...

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ms. v. said...

You're not alone - I'd a hundred times rather wander around outside or try fancy baking projects than think about school... part of it is a feeling I get every spring, though... and part of it is that you and I are not the kind of people who have only one interest... but there's more to it than that, I guess.