Tuesday, November 29, 2011

the best things about me

1. I'm good at ideas. 

I love brainstorming. Occasionally I get these sudden visions or ideas, and very occasionally I get to see those visions carried out. I work for an educational/technology company and a few weeks ago I had some thoughts about new products. I took notes and added more details and I think they are super awesome. I shared it with a few people at work, including the person in charge of new products. He seemed happy to hear my ideas and passed them along. Not sure if anything will come of it, but I'm still excited about the ideas. I was sort-of put on the marketing team because of my ideas this summer. I have lots of photography visions that are much tougher to pull off, lacking certain geographical or costume elements. But I do keep a list in hope that someday I'll be able to realize it. 

2. I'm honest.

Some people are fake and/or not genuine. It doesn't cross my mind to lie, so I tell the truth. Not at all in a "I say that I'm honest but really am just a brash asshole" way, more like "I'm too innocent and I follow the rules" way. So you know what you get with me, in a genuine way.

3. I'm passionate.

When I'm reading or thinking or talking about things I love (travel, photography, books, my ideas), I can feel my face light up. Sometimes I hop or dance in excitement. Often I continue to think/brainstorm about them while I should be sleeping or doing other important things.

4. I love to laugh.

5. It doesn't take much to make me happy.

Music? Something to read? Cozy chair or sofa with blankets? Maybe something to crochet and/or watch on tv? Someone nice and fun to chat with? A good hug? Pick any one or several of those things and I'm happy. Easy peasy.

6. I'm a cheap date/friend. 

I don't drink very often, and I can't seem to stomach more than a few drinks when I do. I never order entrees and usually get just a salad and maybe one side (though I often want dessert), so even at a fancy restaurant, my portion of the bill is small. (Not that you'd be paying for me. But you know, for my husband, or if someone is footing the bill for a group, like a work event.)
I don't want fancy or expensive things (unless you count plane tickets?). I don't give a shit about status symbols, having the latest gadget or trendiest shoes or whatever. I don't want presents even; experiences are way better than things. Though if you want me to experience having a few more camera lenses, I guess I don't mind...

7. Do you need help? I can help you.

I like helping people. I also like teaching people to do things, if they need it. I like helping people figure out what they want. 

8. I like learning things. 

I've subscribed to National Geographic and Smithsonian since 2004 (actually, someone subscribed me to NatGeo that year, still not sure who--maybe my great-aunt?), and I love reading them and finding out small bits of information or in-depth looks at historical events, current events (though I can't seem to do this in newspapers or online news), or geographical features. I know this was one thing I did well as a teacher--made it clear how much I loved learning and reading, and that it shouldn't stop just because you're not a student.
Sadly no one else I know reads these magazines (I don't know why! They are so fascinating! You should read them!), but occasionally I can talk to people about a NYT article or a New Yorker piece that the husband tells me I should read.


Nancy said...

well, that's better!!! tsk.

Anonymous said...

I love the best things about you! So true! I can picture moments with you that fit each of the things on this list :)