Saturday, November 19, 2011

when are we?

I am terrible with time. Must stem from my terrible memory. I rarely know what day it is (kind of fun when I suddenly realize or remember that it's Friday; less so when I think it's time for the weekend on Monday night), and in my head I'm usually a few months behind.

So the fact that it's suddenly dark by 5pm is not only surprising, but downright depressing. How is it that late in the year already? I guess it's winter. This week I had to break out a hat, and on a couple days I needed gloves, at least in the evening. Except that tomorrow will be 63, what's up with that?

It's also a bummer for photos. Taking a picture every day is easier when there's still several hours of daylight to play with after getting home from work. Now that that's out of the question, I've been phoning it in. Literally, with my iPhone camera. Here's a shot from Friday morning, which was sunny and crisp and the perfect late fall day.

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