Thursday, November 17, 2011

nine years ago...

...the Thursday before Thanksgiving, our AmeriCorps *NCCC term ended.

I'm pretty sure I've babbled before, many times, about the crazy, incredible adventures of that year. It was the hardest and most amazing thing I'd ever done. My team put up with my weird and crazy self--I am much less crazy now, if you can believe it; I was pretty up and down all the time that year. And since I'd always had family issues, I couldn't believe how it felt to have these people as my new family. Through good times and bad, I knew they would be a part of me forever. God bless them, they still talk to me all these years later.

One of the boys always sends out an email at this time saying hi and giving updates. The other day after getting the email, I put up a note on Facebook. Most of my wonderful teammates responded with brief memories and snapshots from our year together. It made me so happy to read these--not just the nostalgia, but it was like suddenly hearing other people speak your own language again. NCCC lives mostly in my head and in all my photos (I took 33 rolls of film in ten months! Back then that was a lot. Now, of course, I take that in one long trip.), so to hear (well, read) other people referencing the same things, it's like, oh yeah, that all really happened, I didn't imagine it, look at these great people that I shared those things with. I was filled with love for my teammates.

Such a gift! Happy nine years, friends. I can't wait to see everyone all together again soon.

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