Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I am really tired so far this week, as I often am after the weekend. See, on Fridays and Saturdays, I allow my nightowl tendencies to come out. And even if I'm tired, I'll end up staying awake til 11 or later, watching tv or reading or hanging out with boyfriend.
So the early wake-ups on Monday and even Tuesday are very rude awakenings indeed.

As predicted, I was quite sore on Monday, all over my arms and back, and hamstrings as well. This evening I tried to do some regular yoga from tv, but I was too impatient and I didn't like it as much as the musical bodyflow. So I did that instead. During the relaxation track, I think I actually fell asleep.

Then I scrubbed the tub and took a shower. At last, it was dinner time: a juicy pear, edamame, and a baked potato. Plus some chocolate I received as a birthday present from some student (the kids know me well!). Very filling and satisfying.

Today, as I indicated, has been a little meh. Or at least bookended that way.

I woke up not only exhausted but also with an achy left leg. That made me grumpy, because I longed to be laying in bed instead of at school.

I had an exchange coverage of 7th grade, and it was a little unruly, but I covered grammar with them and had the attention of around half the class, while the rest weren't too disruptive. Not bad for a coverage! Then it was time for one of my own classes, which was a relief for me. They know me and my rules and expectations, which means that I don't have to always be on guard, holding my breath waiting for discipline. We did a reading lesson to catch up with the other classes, and they did a great job of listening to me model a reading comprehens!on strategy. Didn't have time to check their own attempts, but I appreciated their cooperation and motivation, especially on a half day! I guess I don't hate my classes. :)

So yes, this afternoon was the first conference session of the year. It went fine, kind of slowly, as they are wont to be.

During the hour 'lunch break,' I, like many colleagues, had work to do. Because of after school stuff, I rarely get a chance to actually work on my room. So I put up a couple charts, took a few down, moved a couple, laminated my excellence sign. And removed some old contact paper, which when I got the room, covered too many surfaces in the room. Yuck. All gone now!

After that, and getting chairs and desk ready, I did something I haven't done for months: sat at my desk, with some snacks, and read a book. My *own* book, a grown-up book, for fun (I almost wrote "adult book," but realized that would sound inappropriate. Heh.). No homework or lesson stuff, just something for me! Of course, all too soon it was time to put on the teacher face again. Yep yep.

For like two minutes, I saw and chatted with my team math teacher across the hall. I have hardly been out of my room for two weeks, so it felt like a treat to say hi to a friendly face.

So it's Tuesday night. We only have two more regular teaching days, and another two regular days next week. Ack, this month is so stupid.

There was a l!teracy workshop on Friday night; I was an hour late because of after-school. But we got a great, well-known book, When Kids Can't Read, and reviewed the seven habits. Of course I already know them, have a chart up with them, in fact. Do you think I've had time to actually teach them? Ha ha, silly goose. You think I actually get to teach what I'm supposed to, every day? Funny!

Ahem, my point. My point is that while I already knew the information, we got some good definitions and clarifications for each skill, and I was inspired to actually teach them. That's what I started with on Monday and finished today. I think it went well. I have actually covered a couple on my own, but not calling it a 'habit.' So we'll do some review and continue practicing, both with independent books and with nonfiction passages.

That is, if there's time. And aren't we supposed to be doing persuasive writing? Yeah, we'll get to it someday.

Ack, the time. I'm old and cranky. My leg hurts. Leave me alone in my rocker, you crazy kids.

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Ms. H said...

That book is awesome! I love, love, love it. So practical. You will get loads of inspiration from it.