Saturday, November 25, 2006

Lovely Holiday

Thanksgiving in Brooklyn with new friends was fantastic! I can't believe how much fun it was. The other folks were also young, some were teachers, and everyone was really friendly. Oh, and there was a guest cat who was also very friendly.

There was a big spread of food, including different stuffings, a layered Jell-O dish, green bean stuff, rolls, and a big salad. And lots of wine. My wonderful host friend also had some corn for me, so I felt nearly as full as everyone else!

Later, after dinner, we had a couple games of Cranium, which is always a good time. It was funny how this group only wanted to do the trivia and word questions, whereas with other (nonteacher) friends, they hate those categories. Regardless, it was a ton of fun.

We stayed out late and drove home, arriving at 2am. That's the latest I've been up long I can't remember.

On Friday, late morning, Boyfriend and I set out for the wilds of Connecticut, on a mini road trip. We went to a mall, looking for some deals. None of the electronics stuff really worked out, but we each got some new sweaters, which are always useful. I also got a very inexpensive set of dishes! I have had a college-like (ie, random) assortment of dishes for the past three years, so I feel terribly grown up with my four matching place settings. Hurrah!
Next we drove to Wallingford to see the labyrinth. When we got there, a few kids were running around the path, having a grand old time. I was so happy to see that people actually use it! I was surprised to see a new addition: a brick walkway. That also made me happy, because that means the community cares about it and wants to keep it up. The gravel is wearing down in spots, or covering bricks in other spots, and the fence isn't there anymore, but overall, it's looking fine. It's been four long years since we built it by hand, and it lives on to make the town a better place to visit. Excellent!

So after all that fun, there are still two wonderful days to relax and unwind, and most importantly, sleep in! I think I was out for about ten hours last night, which felt incredible. Today has been a lazy day of watching tv and futzing with the iPod, and I am loving it. I hope that by Monday I will be ready for the December whirlwind. But for now, everyone, have a very relaxing weekend!

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Ax said...

I love Cranium! Except the silly Playdoh keeps getting dried out. I need to get a few mini-jars when I go to the dollar store.

Apparently you can make your own. I should google that sometime...