Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I'm Back!

Wow, it feels like it's been forever!

Our school had an extra long weekend for staff development. We had workshops and time to hang out and get to know our colleagues, which was great. There were some very thought-provoking information presented, about students in crisis, differentiated instruction, gender, culture and the way it affects children. Almost all of it I'd heard before, either in women studies classes or grad school discussions, or school stuff itself. It was new for a good number of staff members, which is great. I love seeing (causing, when possible!) people's eyes opened to that kind of knowledge.

Our next hope is that we have time to discuss all of this, and find a way to use it in our actual education of students. That part--realistic implementation--is the hardest part, and least-discussed--of modern information.

So now we have a three-day teaching week, which I love. Next week will be full of things as well, further reducing instruction time. Oh well.

We are beginning persuasive writing. Not exactly sure how to begin...but I'll figure it out soon enough.


beacherteacher said...

Does anyone get ANY instruction done in November? I know this month is a wash for us. The students start the month hyped up on sugar, then NJEA, half-days for report card conferences, and then Thanksgiving.
I'm only scheduled for one sub day this whole month. That won't even help me buy the turkey!

Ms. George said...

Welcome back, and Happy Belated Birthday!