Thursday, November 23, 2006


It is Thanksgiving Day, time for tryptophan-induced food comas nationwide, in preparation for massive consumerism the next day. Fun!

All ideological rants aside, I want everyone to be happy and rested today, celebrating with loved ones and eating good food.

Unfortunately, as I've probably mentioned a lot, I've never like this holiday, for two reasons. One, I don't eat any food. You may know that I am an awfully picky eater, often subsisting on salad, bread, water, and dessert (naturally) and the like. Usually it's not a problem. But some meat smells, like fish and turkey, truly gross me out. Strangely, I like the smell of a grill or barbecue, but turkey--which invades all corners of a house, no matter how much you keep the doors closed--is a smothering, thick smell of yuck to me. Also, the bread selection is usually corn bread or something, which is too mealy for my taste, and the dessert is pumpkin pie...which, ick. What happened to the good old American apple pie, I ask you? Why ignore traditions and trademarks, for pumpkins, of all goofy gourds? Sigh.

And the other reason I don't like Thanksgiving, or any other major holiday, is the time factor. Time has always been alloted to one parent or family side or another, from a parenting plan made when I was in fourth grade. So not only did I never get to eat anything, I never got to relax, because I had to be heading off to somewhere else soon.

Which has always meant that I'm only happy when done with family obligations and the dinner, and I can rest at home alone. This is one reason it was beneficial to move across the country. Yes, I miss family and friends at home, but I don't feel the need to fly home at prescribed times of year to see them out of obligation. I go home when I can, because I want to.

Again, I am not the Thanksgiving Grinch; I am glad that so many people love Thanksgiving and all the accoutrements. Also, I am very excited to do a New York Thanksgiving this year with some new friends.

And of course I'm thankful for many things, which I should remind myself of more often. I have a job that pays well (for my young age, anyway), and I have my own lovely apartment, and I am feeling pretty settled here in NY. Which is very, very weird to me, but whatever, it's happened.

I know some really great people here, and I am so glad to know them--some at my school, some from blogging. I feel lucky to have them in my life to make me laugh and make me think.

The Boyfriend is pretty darn awesome too; I'll have to keep him around. :)

The folks at home and around the country are fantastic and I miss them. Special shout-out to Fire 4, who were last together four years ago this week. We hope to converge again this summer, depending on everyone's travel and high-school reunion plans.

I wish everyone out there in blogland, and all over the US, a very happy turkey day indeed! Additionally, I hope that everyone gets lots of rest and relaxation in, to buck up for the last push til Christmas. Wow!


Ms M. said...

I sympathize with having to deal with a parent-sharing plan, I also have had one of those since about 4th grade. Every even-numbered year my mom still reminds me that it is HER turn for Thanksgiving, despite the fact that I haven't been home for this holiday for at least 5 years. Hope you have a great holiday, get some rest :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving kidlet!!! I hope you have a truly wonderful day and enjoy yourself to the fullest. I love you more than words can say and I am so very grateful to have you in my life. My heart swells with pride and love knowing that you have made such a terrific life for yourself and continue to do so each and every day.
With all my love darling girl,
me :)
p.s. Nana K sends her heartfelt love and best wishes for your day to you.