Sunday, November 26, 2006

I have a problem...

Hi, my name is Julie, and I am a compulsive linker.

Every time I find something fairy interesting on these interwebs, I think, ooh, let's put it in the favorites! Especially with regard to teacher blogs, I show no remorse when clicking the "Add To" button.

But then! I cruelly neglect the new additions, instead seeking out the thrill and joy of finding another new site to pretend that I will love and cherish. Indiscriminately, I add blogs to my bulging favorites. Telling myself, this one will be different! This one I will faithfully return to and read! But no.

It is so bad that I have created THIRTEEN folders in my favorites. More than several are so crammed with links that I have to scroll down to see them all. Not to mention that several folders have subfolders!

At least half of these folders I rarely even open. Mostly I use links from 'bills', 'blogs' and 'teacher blogs.' The folders named 'links', 'shopping', 'service', 'music', 'fun reading', 'new york', and another 'blog things' seem to be just for show, for feeding my habit of being an online pack rat. It's like a virtual bookshelf: one wants to show diversity of thought and intelligence, so things are up there even though one never touches it.

Stop the insanity! My mouse and my spare time demand it!

So today, I have taken the first step in battling this affliction. Well, two, actually. First, I have admitted it. And second, I have begun cleaning out these full-to-bursting folders. I tackled 'blogs' and 'teacher blogs'.

Phew! It feels so wonderful. I eliminated all the links that I never read. There are still far too many sites listed in these two categories, but at least these are ones I frequently visit. It really is cathartic to clean!


Anonymous said...

That's what I like about bloglines... I just add links to my list, and it lets me know if there's anything new happening there, so I don't feel guilty about not checking the sites everyday. Half the time, I don't even go to the site at all...I just read the posts in my Bloglines reader!

an anonymous teacher's mom said...

You might want to remove Middle School Teacher was apparently hijacked last year.