Sunday, February 25, 2007

I am Back.

We returned from our London/Paris trip this afternoon; it took about three hours to get home to Queens, but I'm here. I've uploaded all one thousand forty-one pictures (yeep!), looked all my email, opened the pile of snail mail (an afterschool paycheck and a phone jury summons were the only exciting things), watched one of many recorded tv shows from the past week, and made some "I'm home" phone calls. Somehow I'm still awake, but I need to shower and get to rest.

Today was a long and very uncomfortable journey. The plane seat was the absolute worst I've ever experienced (more awful and painful than the Northwest flight to Amsterdam a couple months ago), and at the end of the flight, a massive migraine suddenly descended upon me like a Parisian summer rain. I'm still recovering from that now.

After a week of sleeping in small, strange beds, and only using two mini towels, tonight will indeed feel like a luxury.

Later, I will have much to share. And many, many pictures. And a whole separate adventure/blog as well.

More soon!

And Camit (? Cami T?), you are correct! Good job, you win the contest!

1 comment: said...

OH thank you thank you!
I won! I want to thank the academy ...... and Rob Reiner, did he direct this film? I don't remember ......

I do the same thing, give my students a film line from a movie that I absolutely love and challenge them all year to find the movie. Then, I show it at the end of the year, The Princess Bride.

Gotta love that movie! And Bravo on cable shows it here at least 4 times a month, usually on a weekend too!

The line I usually give them is from Inigo "I hate waiting".
Seems I am always waiting on my kiddos to hush or to finish something so we can go on to something better.

So, what was the prize? Something I can use with my world geography class?