Monday, February 12, 2007

Weird Children

Last Friday, someone in my afternoon class found a note. It said, "Ms -- has a myspace" Someone read it out loud and the class erupted into "oohs" and "do you really?" I looked at them askance, shook my head, and told them they all needed brain transplants.

Then today, a girl picked up a piece of her old homework, and someone had written, "I love Ms -- she is sexy" Oh, please, eye roll.

Still later today, the same girl found yet another note. I pocketed it and didn't read it until after the class. It said, "ms -- is gangster she got a myspace and she is mad fine". I had to giggle, because now they're just fucking with me. It's pretty funny, though. I suppose it's better than saying I'm ugly and a shitty teacher. Ha.

Oh, and in addition to that, I had a good laugh reading the homework. They were supposed to write a letter to Dr King, telling him whether or not his dream had been achieved. One girl wrote, "We should work for peace on earth, and anxiety." Ha! I'm not sure what word she was going for, but this made it quite funny.

1 comment: said...

You know you are totally gangsta, Cuz. You're students sound great.

I'm out,

C. Beezee
(that's my blog's name in rap.)