Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I decided to let myself have a mental health day.

This is the first day I've taken off all year, and I think I really need it. An afternoon crying at school is definitely a sign not to be ignored. Plus my body is still exhausted. My limbs still feel shaky and half numb. I slept quite well, but didn't feel awake at all in the morning, meaning I still need more rest.

Plus I figured that today I could sort of re-program myself for school, to steel myself for the rest of the year. I need to do some thinking and some planning. I need to start actually putting forth some real effort for this teaching thing.

And I need to let myself look for other jobs.

The good news is that I've started uploading pictures to flickr. I hope to write about the trip here with pictures as well, so look out for those.

Dude. Tired. Must lay down some more.


Schoolgal said...

First you deserve a mental health day and many more.

The lesson I learned early and was hard for me to accept is that we are all expendable.

I was excessed and laid off so many times in my early years of teaching. And even though I was highly regarded, the truth is the students and admins go on without us.

When you say you are looking for a new job, I hope you don't mean out of teaching!

X said...

Oh man. Consider this a virtual hug.

I threw a tantrum on Tuesday in which I threw my keys and phone and screamed -- probably at the same exact time you were having a hard time.