Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Perseverance, Stubbornness, Willful Ignorance, Whatever You Want to Call It

As you may or may not know, one of my traits is indeed stubbornness. That's really how I survived my entire first year, willing myself to get through it.

Sometimes it comes naturally, and sometimes I have to take myself by the shoulders and say, "Self, buck up and grit those teeth! You won't quit, because you're too scared and lazy to let yourself down! So quit the whining and get on with it!"

What's that, readers? You said the same thing? Ha ha, we're on the same wavelength. Good.

The funk of last week has passed, and my teeth are set once again for the good fight of keep-on-keeping-on. Helped greatly by the countdown to the London trip, which reached T-minus ten days today! Except an interesting thing occurred. I got a phone call from the airline, offering us two $300 vouchers to change our flights one day because of overbooking. Hey, why not? So Boyfriend and I are now leaving a week from Saturday and returning the next Sunday. Whee!

This past Sunday, I spent the whole day doing nothing. I read two whole books (YA novels, but still) and dinked around the computer too. Not even for a minute did I turn on the tv. I don't think that has happened...ever. At least for the time that I've owned a tv. It felt good to just relax and chill out. Also, I sort of spontaneously sat down and thought up a plan for the week, even including interesting and relevant homework assignments, planning for a quiz, writing that quiz (which I'd really started to do in the shower the day before--see what I mean about the job taking over your brain no matter the day or time?), and even planning for a day of grammar work.

That made me feel productive and relieved, which was nice because then I went back to reading and lounging. Excellent.

So far this week things have gone well. My high class has gone faster and in more depth than my other classes, and I'm going to leave it that way. I'm finally starting to let the classes separate into their own comfortable pace, whatever it may be. That means I'm not stalling and slowing down the fast class, and I'm not impatient with the slower and shallower results from the not-so-fast classes. I'm trying to keep things a bit more personalized, so to speak. In theory I'd love to even assign different homework for each class, but that's a bit much. But who knows, we'll see.

Oh, and you frisky Big Apple bloggers out there did not respond to the planned event! Thank goodness Nancy was available (finally!) and showed up with a friend, and Boyfriend was there, and his sister came later. It was a smaller, quieter evening than I'd hoped, but still nice to be out and about with good people. Nancy suggested a once-a-month gathering, to give you folks more of a chance to come hang out and meet and have some tasty beverage. She made a Google calendar, and there's a button somewhere on the right. Click it and you'll...be linked? Or be added? Or see it? I'm not sure. Just click it.

Anyway, right now I seem to be nursing a migraine, so I'm going to go get absorbed in last night's episode Heroes. And then go to sleep and rest up for another day of getting through.

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