Thursday, February 01, 2007


Last night I finally upgraded to a pro account on flickr! Then I spent several hours uploading older pictures into it. I also pulled out my prints from the Paris 2004 trip and spent over an hour scanning them to my computer and now am headed to finish uploading to Flickr, along with whatever else comes to mind. Woohoo!

And I was looking at making Moo cards, some for personal use, but some for teaching use. I'm thinking of taking pictures of gold stars, the word excellent, me smiling, etc, and making cards out of them to hand out to students who are doing well. Doesn't that sound neat?

I brought my prints to school today and got to show them off to a couple people. They raved about them and made me feel all warm and fuzzy about my photography skills. Snapfish now lets you put borders on all your prints. I chose a thin black border and it makes them look so professional and fancy-like. Ooh, so pretty. You know, for years I've wanted to take classes to learn more. Anyone have ideas or suggestions?

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Anonymous said...

Try the New School or SVA for photography classes! Also, Queens College might have one in their Continuing Ed program.