Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Grace in Small Things Indeed:

1. This afternoon I walked past these gorgeous, colorful tulips and I found them just delightful!

2. I have my afternoons and evenings back!

3. And I also have a paycheck. I like those.

4. Fluffy new socks. (I have a lot of socks old enough to start getting holes in, and so new ones are a wonderful tiny thrill in the morning.)

5. Finishing a knitted project is oh so satisfying.

Now that I have more time and mindspace, I hope to get this silly blog going again. I have things tumbling around my head and there's probably not much of substance, but at the very least I can process some things and keep a record of what's going on.

Happy Earth Day!
Oh, and let's all celebrate the Kennedy Serve America Act that was signed this week, which dramatically increases funding for non-profits and service organizations! Fitting because this is National Service Week.
A lot of organizations (like the Hands On network and One Brick) are doing large-scale volunteer events this Saturday. Join in, lend a hand, and show the earth you care!