Wednesday, April 13, 2011

two quick things

1. I updated my links over there for the first time in what must be several years.

2. The President kicked some political ass in a speech about the budget! For some dumb reason, the NY Times replaced the article that I read about it earlier today, which included this quote:
"The president described the Republican plan for reducing the nation’s debt as one that would let roads crumble, accept mediocrity in education, stop caring for senior citizens and lead to as many as 50 million fewer people being covered by health insurance. He derided the Republican approach as one that would not invest in “education or clean energy” while giving away tax breaks to wealthy people."
I agree with everything that he said--yes, we must cut some spending, absolutely, but of course that will have to go hand in hand with raising tax revenues. Duh.

Woohoo, go Obama!

Monday, April 11, 2011

another great monday

After a busy weekend of photography and finally submitting our taxes, it was so nice to have a leisurely morning at home, eat breakfast, relax. I went on a school visit and met with a like-minded teacher. The weather was INSANE--more like summer than spring! No coat, no sweater, just beautiful, warm sun!

When I got home, I had to celebrate with a photo!

Later I went to the gym. I got there before the peak time, but even so it seemed like there were fewer people there than normal, and I hope it's because they were outside enjoying the sun. I thought briefly about going for a bike ride, which I should have thought about/planned earlier. It's okay, there will be lots more time for sunny rides in the coming warm months. Woo!

Less than a week until Greece!

Friday, April 08, 2011

Hello and Happy Friday

Here's a happy spring photo for you, from last weekend:

I was coming back from a couple days in Boston, visiting my dad who was on a work trip there. It was nice to get away, to a city that seemed really quiet and clean. Also, there was some serious dessert!

I also saw a cherry tree that was starting to bloom:

A couple days ago one on my street started to show some petals too! Across the street is a magnolia that I've been monitoring--its buds seem to be working toward opening, slowly but surely!

Another spring sign are the two Mister Softees I spotted by schools on my way home. I just wish it weren't cold enough to need gloves today! Though I did hear that next week is supposed to be in the 60s--that's major progress!

(The political scene right now is so incredibly infuriating that I don't even want to talk about it. So instead, look, pretty spring flowers. :D)

I have three photo shoots this weekend--I'm really excited! One is at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. I've never been. Wish this were coinciding a bit more with the cherry blossoms, but I'm sure it will be pretty nonetheless.

Also, we leave for Greece a week from Sunday!!