Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Classroom Before and After

I forced myself to go to school yesterday early afternoon. I really did not want to, because I am still in complete denial that it's time for school to start again. But I've been anxious about all the things that need to be done, and I knew I would feel better after getting some of the unpacking and organizing started.


Middle: Unpacking all my desk, storage, and lesson stuff, along with the many things I've bought this summer
First I got all the library books out and into crates. They're not organized at all, but I'll have students work on that next week.
I didn't even touch the other teacher locker. I think it's all test stuff. Eh, whatever.
After: I got a semblance of order going! Hurrah! I pulled over that file cabinet and made another office nook. Pens, pencils and markers are there on the radiator, and I've got a couple storagey things on the cabinet and on the radiator. I cleaned the desk and put in some basics, not nicely or anything, just threw them in drawers. You can see that shelf on the right that is still a mess of piles, those are all my lesson resource binders. I'm going to sort through those, slowly, and store them on the shelves beneath them. Storage and organization is going to be my key this year! If I keep talking about it and thinking about it, maybe it will actually work!
I'll go in today for a bit. I'll probably start putting up some artifacts, continue with the organizing, make some progress with unpacking...See, here's part of the problem. What I've got out there is starting to come together, in terms of each storage and reach. But! There are still several boxes that need to be unpacked and put somewhere to be of good use. Argh! Too much stuff and not enough space!

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Nicole said...

Ugh! You reminded me that a) I have to go back tomorrow and b) those "before" pictures look a lot like some of the rooms in my school!

I'm glad to see that you got a lot done! That must be a big feeling of relief. The second year is much easier than the first, and the third one easier than that. (That's as far as I've come so far!)

Good luck with the start of year two.