Monday, August 14, 2006

Fun New Toy!

Today I got TiVo! Well, the generic DVR by TimeWarner. But still! Whee!

My mom has TiVo but no cable, since she's always out and about in the evenings. She records things like Grey's Anatomy and Sex and the City, and her soap opera. I watched a couple shows with her and on my own, and I was entranced at the idea of recording so easily, and being able to fast forward.

I've always been handy with a VCR; I keep the timers set for most days of the week, with a rotation of a few videocassettes. However, with this cable box, I haven't been able to make the VCR timer recording work. It would record for a minute or two and then stop and start blinking. I tried again twice last night with the Ron Clark Story on TNT, but both times it failed. Argh!

So I called this morning to add the service. It's only eight more dollars a month! Totally worth it. The guy told me I could have someone install it for thirty bucks, or I could go in myself to exchange cable boxes for free, at the local mall. Since I was already going out again to meet a friend at Staples, I figured I would go over to the mall afterwards.

And I did. There was a bit of a wait, but I went over to H&M and tried on some adorable skirts and shirts. I went back and waited a few minutes, then my number was called. The exchange took like five minutes, I got a new remote with batteries, a power cable, and I was all set!

After going back to buy one sweater and one skirt at H&M, I eventually got home and plugged the box and all the cords back where they belonged. I hit power and checked out the remote set-up, and voila!

I already set a few shows to be recorded. The new fall season is usually a fun time of year, and now, hoo boy, it's gonna be better than ever. I can't wait to get all the shows set up and never worry again about VCR malfunctioning or juggling VHS tapes.

I Heart Technology!


Mr. Lawrence said...

Two quick things:

1. Ahh! You technology lovers! I used dial-up for years, refuse to get a cell-phone, have had a computer that almost hurls when it loads Microsoft Word (the machine is at least five years old), etc etc. I wish I could be more adaptable. :-(

2. H&M is greatly underrated ... but not all stores have men's clothes. (I make a yearly pilgrimage and stock up on what I can.)

NYC Educator said...

I love Tivo. I have a treadmill set up in front of it where I can run and watch House at the same time.

If you're gonna wate your time watching TV, you may as well waste your time only on the best.

Congratulations. You're gonna heart it for sure.