Thursday, August 17, 2006

Phew! All better.

Yesterday evening we changed my tire. It was fun! Like I said, I hadn't done it in four years, but it came back pretty easily. Except for doing a couple things backward. When I finally deigned to look at the instructions on the trunk panel, I saw that jacking up the car first was a mistake. I forgot that you're supposed to loosen the lugnuts first. Oops. But other than that, it was successful and fairly quick. Like, half an hour. We got some dirty hands for our effort, which is awesome.

Look how goofy my spare tire looks! Tee hee!

Once I was up and about this morning, I drove slowly and with flashers to the car place where I'd spend two hours last Thursday. The front desk guy is my buddy now. They were able to patch and inflate my tire, and I was away again in no time. Hurrah!

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