Monday, August 21, 2006

Finally, A Wiki!

After making a word document with all my lesson plans and thoughts, I finally decided to make a wiki. First I had to see what exactly they looked like, though. I loved the format of Tim's wiki, and I shamelessly stole it. :)

So now I have a wiki! Whee! Check it out.

I don't have too much on there yet, but I really want to keep it up and get all my stuff up there. Fun!

I haven't explored my colleague's wikis yet, but I've got them all linked (see sidebar) and I will be looking around soon to get ideas and encouragement.

Very excited about this new tool. Other teachers, hurry up and get on this train!

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Schoolgal said...

My favorite staff developer at Columbia was Janet Angelillo. So I was really happy when her book
FRESH APPROACH to TEACHING PUNCTUATION came out. She uses her experience in the classroom to form inquiry lessons and uses the workshop model for both reading and writing. It's an easy read and not at all textbook.