Saturday, August 19, 2006

How They Grow So Fast!

I'm talking about money, not children, unfortunately.

As of this afternoon I have officially spent $212 on teaching supplies!
--$97 at Staples for pens, pencils, staples, a new turbo stapler, stickers, etc (Once again I will give each child a pen and a number two pencil, so they *should* always be prepared regardless of their shopping budgets)
--$57 at Half-Price Books for, well, books (plus those two software programs I mentioned)
--$35 on for more books (and the fourth was Scaredy Squirrel!)
--$13 at Barnes & Noble for yet more books (a vocabulary workbook and two $3 novels--Chasing Vermeer and The Library Card by Jerry Spinelli)
--$10 at Costco for an electric pencil sharpener

Holy Crap!

Please note the date: August 19--More than two weeks before I will actually see any children.

Another Note: There are at least two more books I want to buy online: The children's book version of Eats, Shoots & Leaves, and another excellent book called Punctuation Takes a Vacation. That's another fifteen to twenty bucks, depending on new/used.


Chance said...

I salute your dedication, of course. I am sure the kids are very lucky to have you.

Lady S said...

I certainly hope you can turn in your reciepts (inwardly chuckles).

Nancy said...

next saturday is teacher appreciation day at staples!!