Sunday, March 04, 2007

Back from a mini-break

On Friday morning, I left for Chicago. My grandma turned 90 on Saturday, and there was a get-together. Originally, my dad and all them were supposed to come out too, but it didn't work out. For me, I got the day off school and a cheap flight, so I still went. It was fun. It's always relaxing, hanging out with the 'active seniors'. My kind of pace--sleeping in, eating, reading.

And, I saw some cousins and further-out cousins that I'd either never met or hadn't seen in over ten years, some of whom have multiple children.

In fact, on Friday night, I couldn't physically keep my eyes open past 9pm (10 in NY), and Grandma had to wake me at 10.30am! I felt so much better after that, though; I'd clearly needed that all week. This morning I got up on my own, just before 7am (after going to sleep at 10).

This morning, while getting my things together, my pinky caught on something and cracked too far the wrong direction. And oh, it hurts. Twice already today I've moved it just so, and cried out in surprised agony. I can bend it and move it around a bit, but I can't hold it tight enough to make a fist or anything. Ow, ow. To my great dismay and misfortune, I believe Tuesday is the earliest I can see my (new, non-ghetto) doctor. Since the office is closed on Sunday, I'll have to remember to call as soon as I can tomorrow.

After a long talk with my awesome AP the other day, I've been thinking about things to do starting this week. We'll be starting l!t c!rcles for reading, and I suppose story-writing for well, writing. I'm going to focus on more structured activities (which will NOT be easy for writing stories!! ack, help!!) as well as making assignments easier and more routine. Mainly in the line of, "write five sentences and ______". You know, underline the subject; using ten pronouns; circling prepositions; that kind of thing. One at a time, of course. And I hope to try some reading homework. But we'll see.

But it's still only Sunday afternoon. I got on an earlier flight out of Chicago, and took a cab home, so I have plenty of time to rest and, theoretically anyway, plan for the week.

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X said...

Let me know if I can help with story writing (which we are currently doing AGAIN because the kids liked it so much) and LCs (which I have somehow neglected to do but have a ton of resources for.).