Sunday, April 15, 2007

Attack of Rampant Consumerism

This past week, my tax return arrived, and I dutifully put one-third into my Roth IRA, one third into my high-yield savings account, and another couple hundred in my regular, doesn't-earn-anything savings.

So that makes me feel like it's okay to buy something that costs a lot of money, but is not an international trip. And by "a lot of money," I mean, less than three hundred. I make good money, but I am a frugal nerd at heart. Except when it comes to travel, of course.

First, I need a new digital camera. My camera is nearly three years old, and is all beat up. When I push the on button, it makes a grinding noise as the lens opens, and when it's closed, the shutter doesn't stay closed. Plus, it's only 3.2 megapixels and the screen is itsy-bitsy. And sometimes the zoom doesn't work and it freezes the whole camera. Boyfriend has a shiny new camera that whirrs silently and has all kinds of pretty and fancy features, with 6 MP and a huge screen. My little camera does take lovely pictures, but I'm afraid might die on me suddenly, and I imagine that a newer, less battered camera would do better.

Next, I want to take a photography class in Manhattan. They are EXPENSIVE but I think it would be so much fun and so educational, since I know about a thimbleful about photography.

Also, someday I would like to get a new, full-size iPod. The mini I have right now is only 4 GB, which is less than half of the music that I have. And if I had a 30 GB iPod, I could keep a backup of all my digital photos, which currently require over 6 GB of my hard drive.

I hate money decisions! But really, how can I complain if it's just about getting myself a new toy?

iPod will come last, for sure. And I think I'll have to make a decision about which camera to get (eek! more decisions!) and look for sales around Memorial Day or July 4th. Boyfriend just got me some neat photography books, so maybe that will have to do as my picture education for now.

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Lady S said...

I am looking at new digital cameras too. Ours is taking blurry pictures and the LCD screen is starting to have issues.

Good luck making your desicion. I would suggest you get some sort of firewire drive for backing stuff up instead of your ipod.