Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Last day

I slept for twelve hours last night! Rock.

I also worked out for an hour and went food shopping.

What have I not done? Think about school.

Well, except for just now, of course, thinking about NOT thinking about school.

And actually, I have thought about it, because one would assume that I should have plans for the three days of teaching this week. Puh-lease.

In reality, I have two sets of ideas. Or three. Well, more than that, I guess.

Since I want to get the kids writing a lot more, I think we'll start off easy, writing about our ideal, genie-wish vacation, using our imaginations and descriptive skills. Also, we'll get started with poetry, finding out what forms they already know and exploring topics using those forms. We'll need to wrap up our l!t stuff; the morning class needs to finish their book and the others will work on skits. The other classes did finish the book on the last day before break, so I shall have them chunk the book by chapter, and then plan a chapter skit.

The first big thing I'd also like them to do is watch and reply to An Inconvenient Truth, or at least the first half-hour or so. My problem will be to figure out exactly how to manage the schedule for vocab warm ups, watching, response writing, and rewriting.

I had wanted to do that stuff for these three days, but then I decided that the other stuff should and can be done first. So I think we'll meander through that first bunch this week, and get into Earth Day and Truth stuff next week.

I definitely want the students to write letters. I often assign letters as homework, but don't actually send them. Or, like earlier this year, I meant to send them but didn't. However, I have promised myself that environmental stuff really needs to get out there, and I want the kids to research which people they should write to.

Bleh. I don't really want to go back. Does anyone?

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17 more years said...

No one in my school would dare to come into school today without their planbook done. By 8:30, administration will be making the rounds, making sure everybody is working hard with the wee people. Having said that, there are any number of people who are written up the first day after a break because they have no lesson plans.

54 more days! WOOO HOOOOOO!