Thursday, April 26, 2007

a little bit of everything

I had a better day today, which is always a relief. Since I've been behind on grading, I assigned both a relevant and easy assignment this week: they were to choose/write a poem and memorize it. They had three nights for this, so it was also a bit of a test of their motivation. Today was the day, and overall I was pleased. The high level class had one-hundred percent completion (to varying degrees, naturally), and the other two classes only had a couple who didn't have a poem. Yay! I congratulated and praised everyone for getting up to speak in front of the class, and we gave snaps instead of claps.

Oh, and yesterday I was finishing watching Stranger Than Fiction. I got a little restless and came back to the computer, where I checked my stats. I noticed that someone had searched for Bea Gaddy, which is a charitable organization in Baltimore that our AmeriCorps team worked with a lot. So I was like, hey, that's interesting--let's see who else has that kind of stuff. So I clicked on that google search link and clicked on the second blog that popped up. And I idly skimmed down the page looking for the Bea Gaddy entry, but then my eye was caught. The blogger had posted about really liking the movie Stranger Than Fiction.

Weird, right? Maybe? Okay, perhaps not. Sheesh.

Tomorrow night Boyfriend and I going to see Brandi Carlile at the Bowery Ballroom! I'm so excited. Hopefully some of you might know who she is now, too; she was the one who did the song/video after the Grey's Anatomy clip show special a couple weeks ago. Her first album is so fantastic! I listened to it nonstop for weeks. Which reminds me, I better bring some cash so I can buy her new album at the show.

This is the first live music I've been to in awhile, I think. In fact, I know, because I don't remember the last time. It makes me feel a bit like a New York poser or tourist, because I so rarely "get out" and do things. I'm kind of lame when it comes to going out on the town. It's just, I'm usually so tired! And the train rides back to Queens late at night...the waiting and the sleepiness. Not to mention the ridiculous drink prices, since I'm such a froufrou girly girl when it comes to cocktails. Mmm, midori sours. Or frozen flavored margaritas. Ooh, mojitos! I could use some mojitos.

You know what I finally noticed and pinpointed this afternoon? This generation uses "yo" like mine uses "dude." It was a quiet revelation for me, because they *always* look at me like a crazy person when I'm like, Dude, that is not okay! Today one kid was trying to help quiet the class, and he called across the room, "Yo...!" just like I would have called out "Dude!" Funny.

Or pathetic that I still say "dude." I'll blame the West Coast thing again? No? Just me being lame? Damn, thought so.

It's not even ten and I'm really tired already. Talk about lame. Oh well, not like I was fooling anyone anyway!

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Ms M. said...

Dude. I totally say it all the time. :)