Monday, April 09, 2007

Still Conscious!

I left home last night and arrived at home this morning, exhausted and jetlagged. I'm referring to two different 'homes' here, obviously. This is a post for another day, however.

The last couple days were a more typical, weather-wise, but I didn't mind. I had time to leisurely hang out with a few friends, and I enjoyed it very much, both the friend time and the pace. I also played Guitar Hero, the first video game I've played probably since Sonic the Hedgehog (I'm not really into video games, though all my college friends are). It was fun, though I had a hard time matching the notes in the song rhythm and when to hit the buttons.

I remembered the satisfaction of playing correct notes at the correct time to weave into a larger musical number. I played the cello for five years and rarely played better than mediocre. The feeling and sound of a large group of people creating melodies and's inimitable. Especially when it's good. When it's bad, then you somehow manage to cringe while playing your instrument. The best cello memories are both from high school: one, playing in the pit for the spring musical, unable to rely on another cello player, and succeeding; two, our orchestra playing In the Hall of the Mountain Kings, which physically pulled me into the music. It was fantastic.

(Blech. Here I am trying to make an effort to be a little more writerly and descriptive, and it sounds like a cheesy high school essay. Dammit.)

Anyway, where was I going?

My flights to home and back home (there I go again) were on JetBlue. After Continental, Northwest, American air discomfort, JetBlue's leather, extended legroom, and guaranteed tv screen were a welcome relief to count on. The return flight was a true red-eye, leaving at midnight and arriving at 8am. I slept just about the whole five-hour flight, though it wasn't great sleep. I was just so tired! Plus, I brought back an old memory-foam pillow, so I had something substantial to lean on. That helped.

Still, I felt very bleary and achy when the flight came in. On the bus to my apartment, I didn't even nap; I continued reading my Carl Hiaasen book. The rest of the morning was spent half-watching DVR'd shows and put away my suitcase stuff. Afternoon: uploading photos to Flickr. Naturally.

It's now 9pm, I've made it the whole day without a nap, though I've had an increasing headache. Perhaps assisted by the less-than-standard eating I've done today. All week, actually, I haven't eaten enough, or drank enough water. I tried to get back on track a little today. Wish me luck, laden as I am with Easter treats.

Tomorrow I still have another day to not teach! I'm still processing thoughts and a post about the teaching stuff, which one hopes will come soon. Whatever, right now I'm still on vacation, so I'm happy, though a tad lonely now.

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