Monday, June 04, 2007

Dude, long time no posting.

Sigh. I'm not motivated lately, for much of anything, really. Except, as you guessed, pictures.

We have less than one month of school. This is terribly exciting and strange and quite a relief.

Our big trip, that I have been planning ALL.YEAR.LONG is at the end of this week. I am very proud to announce that EVERYTHING is all lined up and ready to go. Again, such a relief. I'm now looking forward to reaping the benefits of my labor and worry--FUN with students and colleagues in a different city.

Today was a half-day. ROCK. That means I only saw one class, and I let them watch Indiana Jones, because they've never even HEARD of it. Can you imagine? On the bright side, many students did vote for the Princess Bride, because they enjoyed it when the grade watched it earlier in the year. Hurrah for giving them 80s movie cultural knowledge! I realized that next on the list must be Goonies, which I don't think I own.

I have owned my new pretty camera for just over two weeks, and I have taken over seven hundred photos already. I showed it off today during a baby shower, and people were very impressed with it, and I got to gush about it. Man, do I love this camera. I bought a spare battery this weekend so I won't have to worry on the field trip. I really do miss the ease of AA batteries and stowability of the old camera, but the niftiness and skill of the new one are worth it.

It's JUNE, people! How did that happen?

This morning one of my students suddenly called out, "Miss! You put 2004!" I looked over at the "Today is" part of my board, and sure enough, I had written, June 4, 2004. I suppose because I have no subconscious and I'd already written a 4. Oops.

This date in 2004, I had not even quit my temp jobs to move to NYC. Weird. And now I've been here three years (officially next Saturday) and am a real teacher and, like, I'm an actual adult and stuff. How time does fly.

Erm. Is it summer yet?

God, I hope the next few weeks aren't too difficult to get through. Give me strength to deal with hyper and obnoxious children.


Anonymous said...

From the sound of things, it's a miracle you didn't write 1984. Isn't nice to be close to the finish line? I've got three weeks left with kids, then 1 week without, and then it's over, I'm on my way to Europe and then home. And I am so unbelievably ready. -Kelly

Miss B said...

Only three teaching days left for me, with field day and other end of the year stuff next week. Wednesday (the 13th) is our last day - halle-freakin'-lujah!