Thursday, June 14, 2007

I can't take it anymore

I feel like a zombie. The walking dead. The restless sleep has struck again, and the weeklong headache is still firmly encamped in my cranium. Yesterday I think I forgot to eat much and I haven't been drinking water, and last night it felt like my brain was actively withering inside my skull. So today I ate a little bit more at school (meaning not just a cup of dry cheerios but also cheese and crackers) and drank a half-liter bottle of water. This afternoon the headache has increased, even though I took some migraine medicine about an hour ago.

It's a good thing the final is tomorrow; I won't be good for much else. I've arrived at Desperation and could shortly visit CryingFromFatigueLand. I don't know what to do.
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17 more years said...

Jules, I feel your pain. I just got back from our awards night, and you could scrape me off the floor right now. My voice is fading, and I have the chills.

Stay home tomorrow. You need some REAL rest.

Jules the Crazy said...

thanks, 17. :) sorry to hear you're not feeling up to par either. chills and fading voice--sounds like you definitely need to stay home!
unfortunately, i can't call in tomorrow because i already called in monday. i'll push through somehow. :) usually when i tell my classes i'm feeling rotten they're pretty nice.

here's to hoping this blows over soon for all of us!

17 more years said...

My accelerated 8th graders take their science regents on Tuesday- so I'm dragging myself in, as I usually do. On a brighter note- it's Friday, and that leaves us with 8 more days!

BTW- I LOVE that picture- that's exactly how I feel.

Schoolgal said...

For heavens sake, take Monday off (both of you) and see a doctor.
Your health has to come first!!!
Or go to First Med on Woodhaven Blvd. this weekend.

This could be the result of some kind of insect bite from when you were on retreat.

X said...

:( I'm so sorry you've been feeling this way. I hope you were able to take some actions to take care of yourself. Calling in sick is much easier said than done for so many teachers.

Schoolgal said...

"Calling in sick is much easier said than done for so many teachers."

I hope you don't mean that good teachers sacrifice their health for the sake of the job?
Unfortunately many good specialist here in NYC no longer have evening hours the way they used to. My doctors in Manhattan have their last appointment at 3pm. When and why this all changed I do not know. I was able to work and see them after 5 before the change. My girlfriend had to take a day last week to see her asthma specialist at Columbia Pres. because he also does not offer evening hours. My GYN is the exception.

What about teachers who have sick children and no one else to care for them?

I once had migraines that wouldn't go away, and my doctor sent me for an MRI. They found a neuroma, and I had to take the last 3 weeks in June for a major operation. At first I told the surgeon that I would wait until school was over and have the operation during the summer. The neurosurgeon said that was crazy, and his opinion was good enough for me. (He was the head of the dept. at a major NYC hospital.)

If symptoms do not go away after a week, it MUST be checked out.

17 more years said...

I wouldn't necessarily say that we sacrifice our health- but I think many teachers put off taking care of themselves out of a misguided sense of obligation. Count me as part of that group. The sad part is 1) I think my administration could care less that I am committed to my kids, and 2) Bloomklein NEVER acknowledges teachers like us-rather, they paint us all with the same brush, and act like teachers are the scourge of society.

Schoolgal said...


I too agree with your assessment of both principals and the DoE.

However when one states it's "easier said than done" to take a day to see a doctor when Jules has clearly been suffering,
I think priorities are out of whack.

I also had to take many days when my father was sick, and of course after he died. Did my class survive? Yes, they did. Of course I had to catch up on the work the sub didn't do, but it all worked out in the end, and my place was with my family, not the school.