Tuesday, June 05, 2007

"Dude, you're not in charge of us!"

This was part of my brief explanation wind-up American Revolution to my students today, and how the colonists felt about unfair British rule.

(It was related to the play we were reading; it was set just before the Revolution. This play is in the one textbook we're 'allowed' to use, and this is really the only time we're 'supposed' to use it, and the intro includes a blurb about the setting, so I wanted to explain it to the kids really quickly.)

Many students have trouble reading fluently and correctly, so 'casting' a read-aloud play is a little difficult, and the read-throughs go a little slowly (especially when all the students are not closely paying attention to where we are on the page). I think I want to do more read-aloud plays, to help with this issue. Good thing, too, because I have like five class sets. We may run out of time for everything, but eh, who cares. I really want to have them read Fools--a word-funny play by Neil Simon that we did in drama class in high school.

In home news, this afternoon I did laundry AND worked out (while laundry was going)! Go me!

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Do you have laundry in your building???