Tuesday, June 12, 2007

So So, Meh, Whatever

The Tylenol PM was effective in that it made me sleepy enough to get some real rest last night, which was a huge relief. Unfortunately, I continued feeling drugged and foggy until ten or eleven this morning. And this afternoon and evening, the headache returned.

The return to school was an easy one, much to my relief. My room wasn't messed up, the boards weren't even erased. That's good. It was a half day, which obviously is a great way to come back feeling only half-human.

Upon entering for homeroom this morning, one girl cried out, "Miss! We missed you!"

"Aw," I smiled, then cocked an eyebrow. "Are you lying?"


"Oh, okay. Then thank you, I missed you too." :) Heh.

I decided to give my final on Friday, and to do some review in class. I've heard many teachers who played games with classes to review, but I've never wanted to put in the big effort for it, truthfully. Until this week, that is!

So this morning I simply announced that we would be reviewing for the final by playing Jeopardy; they brainstormed a list of categories (big topics/units that we've covered this year); I gave each table one or two categories and then they got to work creating questions of different monetary values.

Then this afternoon, I spent a couple hours making a rough game 'board' consisted of construction paper folded in half and taped to make a crude envelope, and then writing the questions. Many of them were questions I'd already had in mind, but the groups did come up with some good tasks and questions that I incorporated.

The plan is to play the game in groups tomorrow, and if there is any time left, do some play reading. I'm toying with the idea of giving them the questions on Thursday and let them quiz each other in tables to see how they do. Who knows, though.

Next week, the students will do some portfolio and reflection/evaluation work, but not a lot, and then get to work on plays. Not sure if there's time for them to write and rehearse their own, so I'll get some ready for them just in case.

Two weeks from tomorrow, baby! Getting down to the small numbers is very exciting!

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