Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Game Day

Today two classes played Review Jeopardy!

It actually went very well, and I am excited about it. The kids were really excited about answering questions and using their knowledge! I spiced it up by having them using the erasable sentence strips (which they always love to play with).
Second class had some trouble answering the higher-point questions, partly because they didn't listen to the directions. Gah.
Plan for tomorrow--did I talk about this yesterday?--is to give them the questions and have them quiz each other. It won't be as fun, and they most certainly will not be as engaged...oh dear. Maybe we'll just 'play' the whole damn thing over again. Certain questions could be redone fairly easily.
...Wish I remembered some of those questions right now to make this post a little more lively. Yeah, sorry about that.

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17 more years said...

Do you have access to a laptop and a projector? I have a great Power Point template for Jeopardy that you could use- and it's a lot easier than all the work you did writing everything up. Let me know, and I'll e-mail it to you.