Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Anyone who is faint of heart, click elsewhere. Anyone who doesn't like swearing, avert your eyes. Anyone who believes children are innocent and beautiful and can do no wrong, for god's sake, get real!
Sometime last week, the lock we placed on the bookroom door was removed. Not even broken or mangled; it just wasn't there anymore. AND another teacher caught some kids going into the bookroom and stealing books. And at point, not sure if it was those same boys or not, but someone trashed the book room. MY book room.

I'm mad. I'm so mad it's gone past mad, into rage, disbelief, defeat. I almost feel violated.
Look at this! Who the fuck do these kids think they are? How do they decide that is an okay thing to do? What the hell were they doing there anyway? The whole staircase is supposed to be completely off-limits to students. So how did they make it down there, make a big fucking mess, and escape without anyone noticing or doing something about it? Where the hell are the goddamned school safety agents?!

It was disgusting. That white stuff was an almost-new box of kleenex that these assholes decided to take out of the box and toss around. The other shit, basically they just shoved things off of shelves. Low shelves and high shelves.

Parts of two shelves were tossed, plus a cabinet opened and things tossed out.

It took an hour and a half to do all this. It was practically like starting over, a year ago.

Seriously. So disgusting!

I tell you, when I come down with some kind of cancer or lung disease, we'll all know why.

PS--I finally figured out how to get more than one flickr photo in a blog post! I'm so pleased and excited. Ooh, the possibilities that are in store for you lucky readers. :)
For anyone else who wants to do this, you go to "all sizes" and choose a size (small or medium), copy the html code and then paste it into the blogger template. Et voila!
If everyone else already knew that, pardon me for being slow. :)


Schoolgal said...

Did you do this clean up on your own time? And, did you report this to the administration?
Hope after all your work, there is a combination lock on the door.

J said...

oh hell yes i reported it. :) and yes, the one friendly janitor donated a new lock. we'll see how long this one lasts.

the book room is the thing i do instead of homeroom, so yes, it's on my own time during the day.

17 (really 15) more years said...

That blows- personally, I think the custodians have been using it for a hangout (you did find a condom in there) and they forgot to relock it. Then the kiddies had a field day.