Sunday, November 18, 2007

Woke up sick

First of all, I was awake before 8am on the one day I had to sleep in. Curses!

Second, I awoke with a very scratchy throat and also a stuffy nose alternating with a runny nose, aided and abetted by bouts of sneezing (which I've had for the last week or so). It took the conference and early wake-ups and my weekend lack of vitamins for this cold to sprout. Curses again!

It's noon on Sunday. I could have should have been back at the convention already.

I still want to go, kind of. I still think I *should* go; god forbid I don't have enough to turnkey to my unknown colleagues!

But the hermit in me wants to stay right here in my pjs, with a cozy soft blanket wrapped around me and a mug of spiced cider steaming away on my desk.

Screw academia, man. It's all about the R&R.


X said...

Well, if you get sick, you won't be able to turnkey anything anyway (says the slacker who didn't go to the conference at all). Plus, don't you have conferences tomorrow night? Save some strength! :)

Miss B said...

Rest and get well! I was in the same spot you are a mere week ago and it did suck - a lot.

Sleep and be need it!