Saturday, November 17, 2007

Whew. And Phew.

I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow morning.

I'm home now, having survived day two of the NCTE convention. Working the booths this morning was a breeze; there were no crowds or crazy busy-ness, and better yet, no assholes. :)
Nancy was there too, and it's always nice to have a friend around. In the afternoon I attended some workshops to professionally develop myself. One was an author speaking, with Brian Jacques and RA Salvatore, and another was about using genealogy and primary sources for research, thinking and writing.

[We interrupt this blog post to apologize for the shitty writing. At least I'm writing.]

In the exhibit hall, I acquired even more stuff and later, I ended up borrowing Boyfriend's suitcase to lug all my loot home. What a relief to not carry any more heavy bags!

Oh crap, and now it's almost eleven pm. I am so tired.

Tomorrow I want to sleep and relax and maybe even pretend to plan. However, I found some workshops that sound really interesting tomorrow afternoon...and there are also even more books I want to buy.

Sigh. To go or to rest?

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