Thursday, November 01, 2007

Day 218: Hey hey it's my birthday!

I'm 28! Whee!

Today has been pretty great. I slept really well and awoke feeling rested, for the first time all week. There was a lovely sunrise (uploading soon). All my kids wished me happy birthday, including some of my favorite kids from years past. A couple gave me presents or cards, too. And I got some compliments on my outfit, which is always pleasant.

I'm about to leave to go out for dinner, dessert and drinks with Boyfriend. And, of course, opening presents!


Schoolgal said...

Many happy returns :)

jonathan said...

Happy birthday (almost over though!)

Ms M. said...

Happy Birthday!

Miss B said...

Happy 28th - hope it's a great one!

Oh, and awesome dress.

X said...

Happy belated birthday! That dress looks perfect for twirling.