Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hands On Real Life Lesson!

Over the summer, while painting my apartment, I realized that the sequence of tasks might make an interesting lesson. So I kept all the tools in this little box, and finally brought them to school.

So today in class we learned about sequence and higher order thinking. I handed out these items to the tables, and each table shared with the class what they had and what it was for (I had to correct or guide some kids with the paint can opener and the sanding sponge). Then I gave each table some index cards with the tools listed on them, and the kids had to put the cards/tasks in order, and explain in writing in their notebooks why each step needed to go before or after another task.

At the end, I redistributed the items to some students and then they came to the front of the room and put themselves in order. As a class, we discussed why each step came in what order, and what would happen if, say, you spackled after painting.

I think it was a fun lesson, and the kids definitely got into it. They liked looking at and playing with the tools, and everyone was involved. Lots of accountable talk! It actually got too loud with the accountable talk a couple times. But overall, it was good, especially because it's pretty difficult to do kinesthetic lessons in English. Also, they now know how to go about painting! :)

Feel free to borrow or adapt this idea, fellow teachers!


Jenn said...

That's a great idea. I'm sure that will sink in for more students than just telling them about it. I always learned better doing things actively, like that. (Like having 'wars' with pieces of chalk in my history class - I still can't believe he let us do that, and that no one got hurt!)

Schoolgal said...

Talk about "Applied Learning".
Great lesson!!