Saturday, July 26, 2008

Gorgeous Maine!

We had an incredible time this week! It was definitely too short--there is so much to do on Mount Desert Island.

We kayaked our first night in Bar Harbor, which was wonderful. It was so quiet and peaceful out on the water, just the sloshing of waves, ringing of the buoys, calling of the gulls. I wished we could have stayed out there longer (although I was mighty sore the next day, so maybe 2 hours was plenty for my first time!). I can't wait to go again.
We battled the clouds all week--impeccable weather on the days we were traveling, but only one of the days we were in Acadia. It was just stunning! There were trees, mountains/hills, and water everywhere. Oh, how I've missed it, living in a city. I reveled in being closer to nature for this week.
The sounds of crashing waves could possibly heal the world. If ever you feel overwhelmed, just sit by the sea and listen.
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