Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ready to Tear My Hair Out

Yeah, that didn't take long after my unabashed joy and excitement, did it?

Here's why I'm at my wits' end:

Fucking JACKHAMMERING at 4.40AM and then again at 9AM. I just couldn't sleep through the night. By morning, my legs and my head felt like glass bubbles ready to shatter at the slightest movement.

There's been construction going on in the apartment next door, and most of it seems to involve BANGING on the opposite side of my main wall. It's been weeks now. It's driving me bananas, because there's nothing I can do. I'm home during the day for only several weeks a year, and this is what I get?

Finally, of course, what frustration *doesn't* stem from interaction with The Bureaucracy? I've now spent probably a couple hours calling all kinds of offices, either on hold or being told that I have to call someone else. Nobody has any answers for me. And jeez, I don't know anything yet about this new job, I haven't started yet! So I can't answer the questions they ask me. So I'm kind of at a loss. The most recent development is calling a specific person at a service center who won't be in until 1pm, or maybe not at all. Argh! However, I am happy to report that a certification specialist just called me back and DID have definitive answers, so there's one person who's knowledgeable in the system, thank god!

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