Friday, August 08, 2008


This evening I realized anew that I am quite simply the stupidest person I know.

Moments of triumph are fleeting, but this, like all my embarrassments, will surely become etched crystal-clearly in my mind.


I apologize for the overdramatics; I've been reading Dorothy Parker and her elegant style crept up on me (er, an attempt at such; I am clearly none so articulate).

More specifically, a journey last night turned into another Herculean Task (I think this makes five or six since I've been in New York; the first was the day I actually moved here), when it should have been simple and straightforward. It was completely my fault for moronically not reading OR thinking, several times in a row. This is only the most recent example of this phenomenon, too. I need to get it together.

This week of education training did indeed make me feel lonely, inadequate and a failure, but that's not really anything new and that wasn't what this referenced.

Thank you for the very kind words, friends, and I apologize again for my tendency toward hyperbole. Carry on.


X said...

I don't know how much this means coming from someone who has met you exactly once, but I certainly don't think you are stupid. From what I can tell, you are incredibly thoughtful, critical, artistic, well read, and well traveled. And of course I'd have more to say if I ever got my stuff together to hand out with y'all.

And of course I'm wondering what happened...and wondering if you've met Closing The Gap in NYC, who seems to be in the same place you are right now...but please don't feel bad if those aren't things you can write about.

Katie said...

I know I've been silent for many, many months, but this seemed like a good time to pop back up and voice my complete and total agreement with the previous commenter. Nothing could be further from the truth than you being stupid, my fantastic Internet friend who makes perfect mix CDs and sends them at the precise time they are needed!

I am constantly in awe of your courage, ambition, and authenticity. I have no idea what has happened or what you have done, but I assure you, it won't always seem so awful. (This coming from a girl whose less-than-tactful blog was discovered, turning her overnight into the TFA poster child for stupidity.)

Hope you can feel the love and good vibes wafting up from NC!

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

If you never admit your stupidity, no one will ever know--honest!