Monday, August 18, 2008

Things I Love

1. These guys. Drool.

2. Jezebel, now, obviously.

3. When a song comes on my iPod with a strong sassy beat that matches my walking tempo, and I can strut along to it. Recently it was The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson. I once actually made a mix CD of songs like this. Good times.

4. Receiving basic supplies from my school instead of buying them. SWEET!!!

5. The thought of having a textbook (hello lesson plans, activities, and materials!) and explicit curriculum for one of the subjects I'm teaching. DOUBLE SWEET!

6. My blue walls. I shall miss them. :(

7. Overseas traveling. It's been too long. With the higher salary, and once I'm more sane, I can actually afford to break out the old passport again!


Anonymous said...

4. YAY! That is nice. That doesn't happen often at my current school, either.

5. DOUBLE YAY! When I was student teaching, I thought I had to make up all the plans myself, didn't dream of having a template/guide to go by. Or that I could bounce ideas off of/borrow ideas from other teachers.

So. Much. Easier.

6. I haven't seen your blue walls in person, but even I'll miss them. Make sure Andy lets you have another blue wall ;)

7. What stamp do you want in the passport next?

Speaking of overseas traveling...I might be able to visit a grad school friend in Madrid during one of my two school vacations this year (February or April, not sure yet)...

The tickets aren't too bad...should I go, despite being a poor special ed aide?

Andy said...

Hey, I'll miss the blue walls, too. We'll have to find out what we're allowed to do to the new walls.