Sunday, August 10, 2008

I made a note this week to Stay Positive

Therefore, I shall not complain about the following:

--My sensitive nose equates perfume with headache.

--Smoke (whether fresh or stale on a person) also equals instant headache.

--There were too many bad smells this week, which meant I spent much of it with an unhappy head.

--I probably didn't eat enough real food this week. :(

--A lot of the training sessions devolved into competitions and bragging.

--I'm still anxious and overwhelmed about being unprepared for the school year, despite these weeks of training.

--My knees have completely rebelled on me. For the last two days, they've been swollen, achy and weak. Standing and walking are not happy times here. (Very slight improvement since yesterday, though).

(Hi, this is the BF hijacking this blog post. J is awesome and shouldn't complain about anything except the fact that everyone else is so much less awesome by comparison.)

I'm leaving that in because it is just too cute. I'm a lucky one. :)

I started this post in my head last week but only began the post this morning. Now that it's almost evening, I actually have some positive things to add!! Yay!

--It is fun watching the Olympics! Yesterday I found myself sucked into the women's indoor volleyball game. It was so action-packed and the teams were so high-energy--they hugged and high-fived after every point. Later the beach volleyball came on and what a contrast--only two people on the court, wearing bikinis! I realized that they must have to wear pretty tight suits to make sure everything stays in place. Skidding around in sand, and no knee pads--those chickies are tough! I watched the swimming yesterday too, and this morning. V. excited to go watch the gymnastics that was on last night, too.

--OMG, WE FOUND AN APARTMENT TODAY! More specifically, we GOT an apartment today (we'd found several good ones in the last couple months but hadn't actually gotten one). I'd been really stressed about it, with the timing and location stuff. This place is a nice size, on a quiet block, near my new school and several trains. So as of September first, we will be a Brooklyn couple! Exciting!

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Mintyfresh said...

sept 1 is so soon! how's packing going? also, tell me where!!