Tuesday, August 19, 2008

it had been too long

since I last took pictures lying in the sunshiney grass


DraMa said...

I just glanced through some of your photos on flickr. I found your blog through Peter DeWolf.. i think.. I have been clicking around so much I can't remember now..

Hennyway, I LOVE your photography! It is amazing and yet so completely unpretentious! Your views, your angles your uniqueness is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

And your eyelashes are to die for in that first shot...

As always, love the photos. I spent a day like that today and it was just wonderful.

Hope you have a chance to do so again before the kiddos return.

mex (aka Syb) said...

unfornutaley, i'm also a grammar nazi.. sorry

Ya know.. bean a teacher an' all..



since I last took pictures laying (sic) in the sunshiney grass


Sorry. Hope this doesn't make you GPOd (generally PO)

And I agree, the photography os off the hook. Eggstra eggsellent.