Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Lasts

This has been my last week of living alone

of living in this cute apartment

of residing in this borough

of always sleeping alone

of spending most of my time alone

of taking up the whole bed with my self along with my assorted pillows and stuffed friends (shut up!)

of leaving the bathroom door open

of frittering away evenings on the computer with the tv on nearby

of leaving my stuff wherever I want

of letting the recycling and dishes pile up if I want

of having a long commute

of being part of a long-distance relationship


browneyedgirlie said...

Moving and change is always hard, but just think of all the exciting 'firsts' that you'll experience as part of this new adventure :)

Andy said...

Wait, we're not going to fritter away evenings on the computer while the TV is on? This isn't going to work out...

NYC Educator said...

Somehow I get the impression you aren't really remorseful about this.

NCavillones said...

Oh, no worries. You'll be back to your messy self and peeing with the door open in no time!! Have fun!

X said...

Y'all need a king-sized bed. Stuffed animals are important.