Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Mon Dieu--Trop de Chapeaux!

My computer sucks. Actually, I think it's the "new" router in the main house. Our connection SUCKS.

Anyway, I have a very full plate at the moment.
1)Book order coordinating for my three classes
2)Hurricane donation drive coordinator
3)Coordinating P@nnyH@arv@st for my school
4)Mentoring a new teacher who's not cutting it so far
5)Being a copy clerk
6)Being a graduate student
and, of course,
6)Being a teacher


I was all of these things today. In only six hours.

I know it's not that big a deal, really, and that administrators have a bajillion things going on at once. But at least they have the pay to reflect the extra duties and responsibilities.

If I can make it until Christmas (sorry, winter holiday) doing all this, then after that I can coast a little bit. For one thing, there will be no grad school for about a month. I love it when I have no school.

Our poetry unit is now not really there; we have to do all test prep, every day. We can use poems to show students how to answer test questions about them, but not a study of poetry. And we have to practice writing responses, for the test. Stupid, stupid test.

Today, after the test on homophones, we killed the words "good," "bad," and "nice." I used the worksheets that I found last year and it was so much better this time, since the students this year can consult a dictionary or thesaurus.

Tomorrow I will begin my poetry/ test prep unit with my most favoritest poem ever, "Annabel Lee." Oh, how I love it. The rhythm, the assonance, the repetition. The last stanza gives me chills every time I read it. I will talk about mood and vocabulary and point of view, and then we will do some practice test questions. If there is time, which I doubt it, I will teach alliteration.

God, I have to redo my entire plan. I had the next week and a half all planned out, and now it's out the window. Boo.

And I have two homework assignments. One is almost done, but the other is only halfway done. Bah.

PS--Something I love? The Opera browser. Whee!

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Nancy said...

I love Annabel Lee. Poe wrote another poem that is similar to AL, but I can't remember what it's called.